Best Music in a Feature Film

Best Music in a Feature Film

The Blinding Sea has just won the Award for Best Music in a Feature Film, at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival. This is the seventeenth award for the film so far.

I served as musical director, and play the piano, organ, harpsichord and chimes in the film. I share this award with seventeen wonderfully talented musicians who joined me in creating the musical track for this film.

Janet Aglukkaq and Robin Ikkutisluk, Inuit throat-singers in Gjoa Haven, perform several times in The Blinding Sea

Vocal music composed and performed by Marie Frenette
Inuit throat singers: Janet Aglukkaq and Robin Ikkutisluk
Trumpet: David Carbonneau
Saxophone and clarinet: Cameron Wallis
Irish whistle: Brad Hurley
Violin and viola: Catherine Hallmich and Laura Risk
Guitars: Pascal Desmeules and Marc Harvey
Percussion: Gilles Hébert
Choral ensemble 6-DS

It was a tremendous experience working with you all!

Marie Frenette sings the haunting siren call, leading explorers on their extreme quest. She also provided her recording studio and amazing expertise for all recordings of jazz and folk musicians for the film

Three Festival Awards in South America

April 10, 2021

Official Selection at FIFHM

April 10, 2021

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