I am completing the feature-length documentary
The Blinding Sea. Distribution will start in 2020.

The Blinding Sea (108 minutes) enters the psychological world of the polar explorer Roald Amundsen in the years 1897-1928, and of a number of his fellow explorers and competitors such as Adrien de Gerlache, Frederick Cook, Robert Falcon Scott, Teddy Evans, Ernest Shackleton and Joseph-Elzéar Bernier. Shot on location in Antarctica, Alaska, Nunavut, Norway, the United Kingdom, Belgium and other places, this film goes beyond the myth-making and myth-breaking of conventional biographies. The Blinding Sea focuses instead on the role played by culture, health and nutrition in polar exploration a century ago. The film draws on family stories as remembered by descendants of these explorers and also by descendants of the Inuit of Arctic Canada and the Chukchi of Siberia whom Amundsen knew best: Anne-Christine and Johan Amundsen, Bernard de Gerlache, Falcon Scott, Alexandra Shackleton, Julian Evans, Bob Konana, Paul Ikuallaq, George Konana, Gloria Corbould and others. Offering completely new insights into Roald Amundsen’s life and works, as well as eye-witness scenes shot in the polar regions, The Blinding Sea will do the festival circuit, then be distributed in the non-theatrical and streaming markets.