Best Documentary Feature

Best Documentary Feature

I just learned that The Blinding Sea has been named best documentary feature of the year, at the 2020 Toronto Independent Film Festival.

This comes as amazing news. What a journey this has been!

It was a challenge to film on board the three-masted bark Europa, racing across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica

Thanks to one and all who worked on the production, and particularly to Guillaume Falardeau (editor), Julien Bouchard (sound engineeer), Iona Fournier-Tombs (illustrator), Peter Butler (animator) and Marie Frenette, who provided support, guidance and her lovely singing voice to the sound track.

Thanks also to key people I interviewed for the film, particularly Anne-Christine Amundsen Jacobsen, Johan Leon Amundsen, Bernard de Gerlache, Paul Ikuallaq, George Konana and Gloria Corbould.

Filming The Blinding Sea meant immersing myself in other cultures, working in all kinds of light, and coming to a whole new understanding of what the sea is

American Première

September 22, 2020

Best First Documentary Film

September 22, 2020

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