Flowers on My Street

Flowers on My Street

I love walking along my street in Montreal, and stopping a moment to admire the flowers here and there. Sometimes this offers an opportunity to get to know my neighbours better, and none of them has ever refused a compliment about their gardens! Generally I look at the flowers, but don’t get up close to smell them, unless they are in our garden.

One of my favourites is a rhododendron bush a few doors down, (the featured image at the top of this blog) which is in full flower this week. I have been waiting day by day for weeks now. Rhododendrons do not bloom for that long.


Last week, I noticed phlox coming into full flower along my street, and it will continue in bloom awhile. It lies low on the ground, almost like a covering.


In a few weeks, the peonies we transplanted from my mother’s house will flower. This always comes as a bittersweet moment, since my mother is no longer with us, but the peonies are here to remind us how wonderful she was.

A flower I particularly enjoy along my street is cosmos, which blooms in several different colours towards the end of summer, and which always reminds me of creative chaos, each flower facing a different way and tossing in the wind.

It is amazing how much pleasure we can get simply by looking at flowers!


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