Artwork by Nevit Dilmen
Artwork by Nevit Dilmen

In making this film, I not only learned about light –I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the polar regions. Many of these sounds are part of the film. Click on the mp3 file after each entry:

Polar wind:

Huskies howling:

The research icebreaker Amundsen smashing her way through ice on the Beaufort Sea:

The bark Europa easing her way through ice in Gerlache Strait:

Penguins in Antarctica:

Kathy Keknek (left) and Janet Aglukkaq (right) performing live: photo by GT
Kathy Keknek (left) and Janet Aglukkaq (right) throat-singing for the film: photo by GT

I was also lucky, in making this film, to work with superb musicians, like Inuit throat-singers Kathy Keknek and Janet Aglukkaq:

Marie Frenette
Marie Frenette: photo by GT

In addition to doing most of the in-studio sound recording, Marie Frenette does some lovely vocals for the film:

David Carbonneau (left) and Cameron Wallis (right)
David Carbonneau (left) and Cameron Wallis (right)

David Carbonneau, Gilles Hébert, Brad Hurley and Cameron Wallis do a jazz fusion for the film, to accompany a recording of trumpeter swans made by Jim Hawkings in the Yukon:


Brad Hurley
Brad Hurley

The same musicians do a jazz fusion for the film, to accompany a recording of aurora borealis made by Steve McGreevy:

On the piano, I accompany Marie Frenette’s haunting vocals:

Laura Risk
Laura Risk: photo by Kelly Sullivan

In the feature version, violinist Laura Risk not only kicks up a storm fiddling, but also does some eerie harmonics, getting us right into a polar mindspace:

This original music was all recorded for my film, The Blinding Sea. This music is offered for your listening pleasure and is not to be used, sold or in any other way exploited without permission and without proper attribution.