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Evidentia Originals™ is a series of my fiction and non-fiction books, coming out in print (CreateSpace), as audio-books (Audible) and as e-books (Kindle). These books are distributed exclusively by amazon.com in the United States and amazon.ca in Canada.

Here is the cover design for Mind the Gap, the first novel in the Evidentia Originals™ series, coming out in September 2018 on amazon.com and amazon.ca … Stay tuned!

Mind the Gap, book version (print)           978-1-9993840-0-5

Mind the Gap, electronic book version     978-1-9993840-1-2

Mind the Gap, audio book version            978-1-9993840-2-9

Photography of Mark IV gas mask: Andy Hsu

Cover design: Dorian Danielsen

This Mark IV gas mask is held by a private collector.

I expect to write and publish many more books in the Evidentia Originals™ series. Initially, these books will appear in English only. One of the next books in this series will be the companion volume to my feature film, The Blinding Sea. This book will appear in print (CreateSpace), as an audio-book (Audible) and as an e-book (Kindle). The Blinding Sea will also be available as an enhanced e-book, featuring sound, voice, text, music, photography and video. This book will be distributed exclusively by amazon.com in the United States and amazon.ca in Canada.

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I am an author, and member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Union nationale des écrivains du Québec.

In 2007, I wrote an unauthorized biography of Conrad Black, Robber Baron: Lord Black of Crossharbour, which is still available in hardcover from ECW Press. This book is not part of the Evidentia Originals™ series.

Here is the first chapter.

If you would like to order a copy of this book online, click on the following link:


Here is what some reviewers have said about Robber Baron:

* According to Cal McCrystal in The Independent on Sunday (London), “This biography of Conrad Black is about power and confinement. It addresses his pursuit of and entrapment by the former, and his raging frustration concerning the latter: ‘a concentration camp’ (his upper-class school), the stifling homespun of his native Toronto, the ‘constraints’ of the Canada he until recently despised, and – in the biographer’s words – the ‘world that was too small for him.’ … The intimately detailed portrait has frequent references to Machiavelli…. This enthralling material is placed in clever juxtaposition with taped interviews with the baron himself, insightful accounts of Black’s myriad business schemes, including his artful acquisition of the Daily Telegraph, and verbatim extracts from his trial in Chicago for fraud and obstruction of justice.”

* In Editor & Publisher (New York), Mark Fitzgerald wrote “In the highly readable Robber Baron (ECW Press), Tombs plumbs Black’s psychology objectively, but with a sharp insight. It’s something of a cliché to compare Black to Citizen Kane, and Black himself encourages the comparison. But what Tombs has done, arguably, is located the ‘Rosebud’ in Black’s life – a 1953 Atlantic cruise to England to witness the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. His wealthy father arranged to be on a ship as the British Navy sailed by as part of the celebrations.”

*Conrad Black (Lord Black of Crossharbour) wrote in A Matter of Principle : “George Toombs [sic] rushed out a hatchet job…”

* Peter C. Newman wrote in Toronto Life that Robber Baron is “superb with much new, if sometimes quirky material.”

* H.J. Kirchhoff wrote in the (Toronto) Globe and Mail that “this updated edition of a book Tombs originally published in 2004 includes accounts of the many things that have befallen the disgraced press baron since, especially his Chicago trial and sentencing, which the author attended. Much new material based on interviews and documents.”

* According to Montreal’s La Presse, “Le baron Black [my translation into French of the same work] reads like a novel. George Tombs clearly masters his subject and has succeeded in following the tortured path of Conrad Black without getting bogged down in technical details. He tells the fascinating story of a man blinded by the quest for power who has ended up sabotaging himself… The strength of this biography lies in the fact that the author is a historian as well as a journalist.”

* According to Le Soleil (Quebec City), “George Tombs has devoted a fascinating book to Conrad Black. The publisher calls this an unauthorized biography. Actually, this 464-page book, Le baron Black, puts things into perspective and helps make clear why the Americans have brought Black of Crossharbour to justice…. Not only is this book successful, but it enables readers to fully grasp the odd sides of Black’s personality – a personality dominated by arrogance and greed, but also marked by keen intelligence.”

* According to Phillip Adams, host of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Late Night Live, during a live interview on ABC Radio National, “George, you are a very naughty writer!”


In addition I was commissioned in 2012 to write a historical work for the International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations specialized agency. The work was published the following year.


I have also written thousands of articles for leading newspapers and magazines around the world, and produced thousands of radio documentaries, features, reports etc. for CBC Radio, Radio-Canada, National Public Radio and BBC Radio among others. My reportage on Patagonia, French Guiana and the Canadian Arctic earned me a Michener Fellowship, one of Canada’s leading awards for journalism. I used the fellowship to do a comparative study of media ethics in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and France – the four main countries where I have worked as a journalist.