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I am nearing completion of the feature-length version of my film The Blinding Sea. This film will come out at the same time as a companion volume, to be published in the Evidentia Originals™ collection, in print (CreateSpace), as an audio-book (Audible) and as an e-book (Kindle). The Blinding Sea will also be available as an enhanced e-book, featuring sound, voice, text, music, photography and video. This book will be distributed exclusively by amazon.com in the United States and amazon.ca in Canada. In addition, the feature-length version of the film will be coming out in a French, as Éblouis par la mer.

Working with a new editor, Guillaume Falardeau, has been a terrific experience. Alex Charrier is doing a superb job of sound editing. Marie Frenette has become associate producer. The mid-length version, coming in at 57 minutes, can be viewed during my lecture-screenings on university campuses, as a DVD (see price list on the DVD version sub-page), and on the academic streaming site kanopy.com

The feature-length version of the film (100 minutes) enters the psychological world of polar explorers from 1897 to 1928, such as Adrien de Gerlache, Roald Amundsen, Frederick Cook, Robert Falcon Scott, Teddy Evans, Ernest Shackleton and Joseph-Elzéar Bernier. The feature focuses on the role played by culture, health and nutrition in polar exploration, and draws on family stories as told by descendants of these explorers: Bernard de Gerlache, Anne-Christine and Johan Amundsen, Gloria Corbould, Falcon Scott, Julian Evans, Alexandra Shackleton and Paul Terrien.

The film reveals new information about Amundsen’s Inuit connection, drawing on family stories and re-enactments with Bob Konana, George Konana, Paul Ikuallaq and four other Inuit descendants of Koleok. Who was Koleok? Amundsen wrote more about her than about any other Inuk woman he got to know during his sojourn in Nunavut in 1903-1905. They were important to each other, but to find out just how important, you will have to see the film and read the book!

In making The Blinding Sea, I have traveled extensively in the Arctic and Antarctic. What an adventure!

If you would like to see the mid-length version of the film, there are several options. See the DVD and Lecture-Screening sub-pages on this site, for more information. The film The Blinding Sea is © Evidentia Films Inc., 2018

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