The Blinding Sea

My new film The Blinding Sea just got an honorable mention at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. Working with a new editor, Guillaume Falardeau, has been a terrific experience. Alex Charrier has done a superb job of sound editing. Marie Frenette has become associate producer. The official completion date of […]

Film Score

Artwork by Nevit Dilmen

In making this film, I not only learned about light –I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of the polar regions. Many of these sounds are part of the film. Click on the mp3 file after each entry:

Polar wind:

Huskies howling:

The research icebreaker Amundsen […]

Eye Witness

Sunlight in the Appalachian forest

I discovered, in making my first film, how important light is. In arising each day from darkness, light carries with it a kind of tension or contradiction: it is always bound in our minds to the conflict or rivalry with darkness. Of course the light I am used to […]


Berkeley (University of California) – photo by Tristan Harward

I am available to screen the film at your institution and give an accompanying lecture, for a fee.

A former Visiting Professor at Athabasca University, I have taught or given guest lectures at institutions such as Berkeley (University of California), Bishop’s University, Cambridge University, Columbia […]


Here is the first in a series of three History Live podcasts, devoted to The Arrow of Time. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is the second podcast devoted to The Arrow of Time.

Here is the third podcast in this series.

I plan to run four podcasts per month.

In the […]

The Making of “The Blinding Sea”

Roald Amundsen

The Blinding Sea is a high-definition biographical documentary (which I shot using Nikon, Sony and GoPro cameras), about the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928). Altogether there will be four different versions of the film: mid-length and feature-lengths versions in English, and mid-length and feature-length versions in French under the title Éblouis […]

Evidentia Classics

I am planning to publish a collection of Evidentia Classics, from French and Italian to English. These books will be distributed as hardbacks, paperbacks, audio books, e-books and enhanced e-books on in the United States and in Canada. Many of these classic works will be about the Americas. Stay tuned!

Here are […]

Evidentia Originals

Ocean waves: photo by Integrate is Great

I am planning several books as Evidentia Originals, in hardback and paperback, and as audio books, e-books and enhanced e-books. They will be marketed through in the United States and in Canada. Stay tuned!

I am an author, and member of the Writers’ Union of […]

Introducing Evidentia Channel

evidentia, ae, f. Latin noun meaning “evidence; distinctness of language; proof; the quality or state of being transparent.”

Water drop: photo by G. Cardinal, Norway

Evidentia Channel – a work in progress – will present a family of creative works in English and French – films, original books, exclusive translations into English of classical […]